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Getting Aging Parents to Accept Help

aging parents etobicoke mississaugaWhen it comes to accepting help, many seniors are resistant to change. There are strategies you can use!

The idea of accepting help at the house is something every senior is going to resist for as long as possible. No one wants to admit that they can no longer take care of themselves or their partner. It is a loss of independence and it may even bring shame to some people to know that they need assistance from a family member, friend or a registered nurse. It can become a depressing situation for patients.

For seniors who are resisting the assistance they need, it is very important for family members to react in a respectful way. The proper care is needed urgently, but it has to be done in a way that respects the senior and eases them into the transition.

Change is very difficult, especially for seniors. Be patient with them and take the following suggestions to heart:
  • Introduce the idea slowly and give them time to adjust to it.
  • Offer up a trial period. Say you can offer a support worker for some time, and if they do not like the experience, they can change up the arrangement.
  • Parents are always more willing to get help from a support worker when it is presented as being helpful to the member of their family who is taking care of them right now.
  • Slowly introduce the tasks the caregiver helps with. Perhaps you can work in conjunction with the caregiver to provide care for a few days.
  • Take them on a tour of nursing homes as a way to show them the alternatives. Present in-home care as a better alternative, which they will appreciate when they assess various nursing homes in the area.
  • Talk with their doctor and see if they can present the option in a calm and considered way.
  • Talk to them about the cost and tell them not to worry about the expenses of these services. Seniors are often too scared or ashamed to admit they are worried about money.
The Retire-At-Home Approach in Etobicoke and Mississauga:

For over 20 years, Retire-At-Home has handled patients who are resistant to getting help. Most of the services we offer are initiated by the client’s family members, with the adult children usually the ones to start the process. The main challenge is to ensure that the mom or dad is going to accept help without putting up a fight.

Retire-At-Home Etobicoke will talk with the patient and their family through a free consultation at the home. The consultation with a nurse allows the patient to have a one-on-one conversation about the questions and concerns they may have about they are going to receive. It is also a chance for family members to have their questions and concerns answered. A nurse can talk about how the services are not going to take away someone’s independence, but simply make their lives easier in multiple ways.

Nurses are trained to deal with these situations, and they can have the conversation in a few different tones, depending on how the patient is reacting to what is being said.

We always suggest starting the services in a slow way, which allows the client and their family to properly adjust. We want the client to feel as though they are a major part of the decision making process.

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