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Benefits of Aqua Fitness for Seniors

aqua fitness seniors etobicokeWhat is Aquafitness?

Aquafitness refers to aerobic exercises, which are performed in water.  Aquafitness can be defined as physical exercise that increases the heart rate and increases the body’s intake of oxygen long enough to benefit the condition of the human body.

There are many benefits associated with Aquafitness. With the buoyancy and resistance of the water it allows you to use every muscle and every joint in the body all at the same time to get a workout, which helps improve overall body tone.

There are so many other health benefits associated with Aquafitness, with weight loss, lower blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure and so much more. It can also improve your cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, coordination, along with muscular strength and endurance.

With the massaging effect water has on the body it makes Aquafitness exercising very soothing and therapeutic, the cool temperature of the water prevents you from sweating while you workout.

Most community pools and fitness centers will offer general or senior-specific Aquafitness classes to suit your needs. During a typical class, an instructor guides participants in performing a number of movements that increase your heart rate and work your muscles.

How is Aquafitness so ideal for seniors?

With exercise physical activity increases your flexibility and balance, it helps to improve mobility, prevents injury and disease. With a good work out it helps you get a good night’s sleep. It also provides a number of emotional benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety. Exercise is the key to a healthy and happy retirement.

Aquafitness is an excellent form of exercise for seniors, for the simple reason it offers a thorough but low-impact workout. Exercising in water will reduce the strain on your tendons and joints, so seniors will be able to keep fit without feeling the limitations of any pre-existing pain or injuries.

Aquafitness may be low impact exercise, but it’s still a high quality workout. Water is approximately twelve times denser than air, so it offers plenty of resistance to strengthen and tone muscles. It also improves your cardiovascular health and endurance in the long run.                                                                                         

How can seniors stay safe while enjoying Aquafitness?

Seniors should always consult with a health care professional before beginning any form of exercise. Your doctor will make a recommendation based on your current health status, and also taking into account any medications, injuries or chronic conditions you may have.

Remember to always follow all safety regulations of swimming when you are performing any Aquafitness. The most important rule is to follow is the buddy, buddy system and never ever swim or perform Aquafitness alone. The instructor will be certified and qualified Aquafitness instructor, they will follow the basics of exercising with warm up period before the work out and cool down period at the end of each session.

Seniors should always be careful when entering and exiting the pool. Always use the hand rails for added support and take your time easing yourself into the water. If the water temperature for some reason causes you to shiver or feel too warm, carefully leave the pool and dry off. This also applies when you are feeling lightheaded or overly fatigued.

If you think you are unable to leave the pool on your own, or if you manage to leave the pool but continue to feel ill, immediately alert the nearest lifeguard, staff member or your buddy to assist you. Seniors should also keep in mind that pool decks are very slippery. Walk slowly and do not hesitate to ask for assistance from a caregiver or staff member.

When performing any type of exercise, it is imperative to stay hydrated. Seniors should drink plenty of water before and after each Aquafitness class. Eating a heavy meal before exercising is not a good idea it may lead to cramping, especially in water. At the same time, when exercising on an empty stomach it may cause a senior to feel weak or faint. Ideally, each senior should enjoy a light snack approximately sixty minutes before an Aquafitness class. This will keep you energy levels up and it will not cause any cramping.

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