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Remembering a wonderful client

Below is the obituary of a wonderful client we had the pleasure of serving: John “Jack” Page, born March 12, 1925 passed away September 1, 2018 in his 94th year. His beloved wife Vivienne Mary Page (nee Bell), born February 18, 1923, passed away November 3, 2018 in her 96th year. Jack and Vivienne met when they both worked at Heintzman Pianos. They were married on June 29, 1946 and remained devoted to each other during their 72 year marriage. In WWII, Jack enlisted in the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve as a Radar Plotter Overseas Combat Service serving on a number of ships, including the HMCS Joliette and HMCS Ribble. Vivienne’s war efforts included entertaining and singing at many Army, Navy and Airforce bases. Upon returning home, Jack rejoined C.I.L. Paints Inc. where he worked his way up from an office boy to Assistant Manager, Sales and Marketing, Automotive Paints during his 47 year career. After High School, Vivienne attended the Eastern High School of Commerce to study stenography. She worked in a variety of administrative/sales positions within various companies. In 1972, without any legal experience, she was recruited to work in a law firm, and, thereafter, she worked as an executive legal secretary with several law firms for the balance of her lengthy career. In 1973, she became one of the first Canadian Members-at-Large to the National Association of legal Secretaries (International) (NALS).   She was instrumental in setting up the Toronto Chapter of the NALS, being the Metropolitan Toronto Legal Secretaries Association. Her employer at the time, R. Bredin Stapells of the then firm Stapells & Sewell,...

Seniors Foot Care results in Happy Feet

Seniors Foot Care is essential for maintaining happy feet! Many of our feet problems are caused by poor foot care, injury caused by shoes, socks/stockings that don’t fit well, illness such as diabetes or poor circulation, and aging. The average person walks more than 10,000 steps every day, which equals to several hundred tons of accumulated force on your feet. Women have about four times as many feet problems as men; high-heeled or narrow shoes are often the reason and genetics can be blamed. Here are some Tips on how to maintain proper Foot Care: Check your feet every day examine your feet/toes every day for cuts, blisters, red spots, bruises and swelling if you have diabetes, consult with your health care team Wash your feet every day wash your feet in warm water daily dry your feet well especially between the toes Keep the skin soft and smooth apply thin coat of moisturizer to top & bottom (not between your toes) Wear shoes and socks at all times avoid walking barefoot wear comfortable shoes that fit well wear soft cotton or wool socks Keep the blood flow to your feet put your feet up when sitting avoid crossing your legs  Get started today; take good of your feet If you are over the age of 65, use the services of a qualified foot care nurse Be good to your feet and they will be good to you. . Contact us today for a Free Nurse Consultation to discuss how our Home Care Services and Seniors Foot Care Services can help you in the comfort of...
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