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Choosing a Home Care Agency in
Etobicoke & Mississauga

choosing a home care provider etobicoke mississaugaWhat are some questions to consider when you are selecting a home care provider in Etobicoke and Mississauga?

Here is a list of suggested questions you should ask any Home Care Provider:

1. What services are provided?
2. Do I need to get a referral from a doctor?
3. How long do I need to wait in between an initial request and the first visit?
4. Is there some minimum charge?
5. Will I get coverage through my private insurance policy for your services?
6. Are the caregivers properly trained? What type of education or experience do they have?
7. Are your providers insured?
8. Are the nurses trained specially to handle patients with certain conditions or illnesses?
9. Am I going to get a permanent caregiver, or will there be a rotation of caregivers each day or week?
10. Are the caregivers called on short notice? Am I charged more for a short notice call?
11. Can you provide me with services on holidays or after hours?
12. What should I do during an emergency situation?

Here are  four mistakes you must avoid when choosing home health care providers:

Most people are only going to shop for a home health care provider when some major issue happens. This means you are looking around for a care provider in an emergency situation, when you should be taking the time to calmly consider your options and make a final decision.

Here are the four mistakes you must avoid during the process:

Mistake 1: Most Canadians think that because they are living in Canada, it means universal healthcare will take care of everything. Most are surprised when we talk about the minimal subsidies in place for patients to get home health care. Do not assume you have coverage. Talk with your doctor or insurance provider.

Mistake 2: Simply because your parents need care, it does not mean they are ready to get it. Many family members will call a health care provider and request a nurse to help take care of their parents, but they will not even discuss it with their parents first. Going about things in such a way can result in a huge amount of resistance and resentment from the patient. It is a much better idea to talk with your parent or loved one and ease them into the possibility of needing permanent assistance from an in-home nurse.

Mistake 3: Hiring a private caregiver. Some families will hire caregivers under the table and pay them in cash. They do so because it can often cost less, per hour. However, you have to consider the fact that paying under the table for these services means you have no recourse when something goes wrong. If there is a theft or signs of abuse of the elderly individual, you have no option but to let the circumstances go because you have acted in an illegal manner to get the health care service in the first place. Make sure you are talking with authorized and accredited health care organizations during this process.

Mistake 4: People take decisions on what healthcare provider to choose based solely on price. It is a mistake. Yes, you can save a few dollars an hour if you choose the cheapest healthcare provider or pay under the table. And price does matter, because most cannot afford extortionate amounts of money for healthcare services. But it is important to consider value for money. If you are paying a certain amount an hour for in-home health care services, are you getting value for money? Are they really helping your loved one feel more comfortable and secure in their own home? Value is what matters, not the price by itself.

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