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Christmas Ideas for Seniors

Christmas Ideas for Seniors

Christmas Ideas for Seniors

A Personal Story by Nicole Troiano, Owner of Retire-At-Home Etobicoke

Every year my sister and I ask my grandmother what she wants for Christmas and every year she says the same thing, nothing. We usually get her things like pyjama’s, perfume and jewelry. We know she loves her gifts but we found we always got her things that she really didn’t need.

A year and half ago, we found out that Grandma got diagnosed with Arthritis. We felt really bad; Grandma was always there for us, looked after us throughout elementary and high school, she came to all our activities in and out of school. Grandma really played a big part in our lives.

I started University 2 years ago and my sister works full time, so really we haven’t spend too much time with her. It seems like we got too caught up with our own lives and grandma isn’t a part of it.

My sister and I wanted to do something really special for her this Christmas but couldn’t figure out what.

So we did some research about arthritis to understand what it is.

We found out that as some people age, the cartilage layer can become thin and frayed over time, your joints start to feeling stiff and moving can be uncomfortable. When the bones begin to rub against each other, it can cause pain. Then we learned that aside from medication; exercise can be a great way to help alleviate the pain by strengthening muscles, increasing flexibility and reduce the swelling.

So, last Christmas, my sister and I decided to get Grandma a gift that would help her and at the same time spend more time with us. So we decided on yoga classes at the community centre.

My Grandmother was a little hesitant at first, but because we were going together she decided to give it a try. We have been going regularly and so far we have had a great time getting healthier and spending time together. We are having a lot of fun together.

We already started planning for this year’s Christmas gift, aqua aerobics. Grandma doesn’t know it yet but we are getting her into a bathing suit.

With Christmas just around the corner, for anyone buying a gift for a senior this coming holiday season, I strongly recommend you give something that will improve your loved one’s health and wellness. We love to inspire others to help the seniors in their lives. It’s not always about the cost of the gift, it’s about the value it brings to their lives.

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