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Key Factors When Choosing an In-Home Care Provider for your Elderly Loved One

home-care-agency-etobicokeWhen you are responsible for caring for an elderly friend or relative, there may come a time where you might feel compelled to seek out the services of a qualified home caregiver. Whoever you choose as your in-home care provider for your loved one, it is important to go into this decision armed with as much information as possible, because it is an important one. You’re deciding who is qualified enough to be involved in your friend or relative’s final years of life, so you’re going to want to consider every detail of the providers that you are considering. The person that you end up hiring will play an essential role in yours and your loved one’s lives, so this is not a choice to make lightly or to rush along.

How to Start your Search

In Etobicoke, there are many choices on the market in terms of care providers who can assist you in providing the highest caliber of quality care to your loved one. It can feel downright overwhelming to sift through the options available, and that’s one thing that you don’t need to feel when trying to coordinate such a big and important decision. To ease some of the pressure, place a classified ad or enroll the services of a placement agency. You can even do both if you want to!

When placing an ad, it is vital that you include things like salary and specific skills or knowledge required of candidates for the position. If you choose to enlist the help of a placement agency, they can take care of this step for you by providing a listing of pre-qualified candidates. This could be a huge helping hand to friends and family members of seniors who have busy lives and struggle to find time to place and ad and sort through the applicants.

The Interview Process

Whether you reach a potential employee through a classified ad or with the assistance of an agency, the interview process is even more important. It is during the interview that you have the first opportunity to learn about the person being considered, and it is the first time that they will get an impression of you, as well.

There are a few things that you should ask of any potential caregiver that you may choose to invite into your loved one’s care network. Valid identification, such as a driver’s license or state-issued ID, their areas of expertise and references are all important and should be asked for during the interview process. Since the requirements of every person’s care are different, you need to be confident that this person has the skills and knowledge to best tend to your friend or relative.

Unfortunately, references can be falsified or manipulated, so some additional information should be requested. Ask potential hires to provide past residences and phone numbers, in addition to an employment history that can be verified. Doing this will ensure that you have a trustworthy person in front of you. If they refuse or cannot provide these things to you at the time of your interview, they are probably not a solid choice.

Background checks should be issued once you find a candidate that you feel is a good fit for your loved one’s needs. This should be done before offering the job, and is absolutely worth the money spent for the peace of mind that this provides.

Making an Offer

After the interview process is complete and you have found the person whom you wish to extend a job offer to, the next step is to offer them the job. For your protection and theirs, make sure that this offer is presented in the form of a written document. This document should detail the salary, benefits and rules of the house, as well as any specific needs that your loved one requires to be met for ideal care. Be as specific as you possibly can, even if it sounds trivial at the time. Some examples to consider when drafting up your employment agreement are:

  • Will the caregiver have access to your internet connection?
  • Will they be given a food allowance in your home?
  • What areas of the house, if any, are off-limits to the care provider?

Once the offer has been extended and accepted, you need to keep in mind that you are now a legal employer. You will need to contact the IRS, or Internal Revenue Service, to obtain an employer identification number. You must also check your area’s laws to see if there are taxation requirements for new employers. Paying mind to these issues now will save you a great deal of headache in the long run.

How Retire-At-Home Services Can Help

Retire-At-Home Services, Etobicoke is one of the area’s leading and most trusted in-home care providers for seniors, and for good reason. Contact us today by calling 416-479-4288 to see how we can fit into your and your loved one’s lives!




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