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Seniors Foot Care results in Happy Feet

seniors foot care etobicokeSeniors Foot Care is essential for maintaining happy feet!

Many of our feet problems are caused by poor foot care, injury caused by shoes, socks/stockings that don’t fit well, illness such as diabetes or poor circulation, and aging.

The average person walks more than 10,000 steps every day, which equals to several hundred tons of accumulated force on your feet.

Women have about four times as many feet problems as men; high-heeled or narrow shoes are often the reason and genetics can be blamed.

Here are some Tips on how to maintain proper Foot Care:

Check your feet every day

  • examine your feet/toes every day for cuts, blisters, red spots, bruises and swelling
  • if you have diabetes, consult with your health care team

Wash your feet every day

  • wash your feet in warm water daily
  • dry your feet well especially between the toes

Keep the skin soft and smooth

  • apply thin coat of moisturizer to top & bottom (not between your toes)

Wear shoes and socks at all times

  • avoid walking barefoot
  • wear comfortable shoes that fit well
  • wear soft cotton or wool socks

Keep the blood flow to your feet

  • put your feet up when sitting
  • avoid crossing your legs

 Get started today; take good of your feet

If you are over the age of 65, use the services of a qualified foot care nurse

Be good to your feet and they will be good to you.


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