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Seniors’ Transportation Service

seniors transportation etobicoke mississaugaIt is a challenge when you or a loved one is no longer able to drive the way they were before.

Whether you have to go to the store, an event or to see someone, you may need some assistance in getting from one place to another. Thanks to our services, seniors will now have the chance to attend all the events and places where they want to go on a daily basis. We provide a safe and comfortable transportation experience for all our patients. Whether you want to attend a social or religious function, or visit your family, we can take you there.

Our caregivers are happy to provide transportation to and from hospitals or medical centers, doctor’s offices, treatment centers and any other location where you may need to go. We can also help patients as they pack for the errands they need to run.

Driving Options and the Costs:

When we talk about the cost of transportation, we have to take a look at the different ways we are helping patients. Aside from driving them around, it is also about making sure the right vehicle insurance is set up so the patient is safe at all times. We can provide transportation in a few ways:

  1. Accompanying patients when they hire taxis or third-party transportation services:

When a patient orders a taxi, Uber or other transportation vehicle, the patient is responsible for paying for the service they have ordered, along with the caregivers’ time if they are being accompanied. If the client would prefer it, the caregiver can pay for the service at the time, and add the cost to the total invoice at the end of the week or month.

  1. Driving the Patient in the Caregiver’s Car

If the caregiver has a vehicle they use to get to work and other locations, and everything is up to date regarding its insurance and safety checks, and the patient would like to get to various locations, the caregiver can drive them in the car. It is important to provide some notice so we can ensure all the insurance details on the caregiver’s car are up to date.

There are special waivers that patients must sign in advance of requesting such a service from our facility. And there is a small fee associated with driving patients to and from various locations in the caregiver’s car.

  1. Driving the Patient in Their Own Car

If the patient has their own car, and all the insurance details and safety checks have been completed, it is possible to have the caregiver drive the patients car to various locations. We are going to ask the patient for a copy of their insurance details, which should provide coverage for someone else driving your car.

A valid driver’s license for the caregiver is also required for such a service. When requesting the caregiver to drive the patient’s car, the patient is required to pay for the caregiver using the regular hourly rate. There are no additional costs for transportation requests. A waiver is also signed by the patient before they can request such a service.

We are happy to provide transportation and escort services for our clients. We can even assist in getting our patients to their loved ones in a different city, or to get you to a family event in the nearby area. We can help you with your travel arrangements, bookings, security checks and we also provide companionship services during the flight.

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